Saturday, April 9, 2011

Although we are home . . . .

Although we are home, there are more stories to tell. I hope to collect more and post them. Allen has told his own story on his blog. I hope to collect some from those who did not have cameras or able to write as we worked. So check back occasionally.

The entire week's workforce

The entire workforce for this week, made up of the three groups, Inglewood Presbyterian Church, Lehigh Valley Presbytery, Ann Arbor Westminster Presbyterian Church, all on the steps of Nashville's Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Lehigh Valley Group

first row: June, Sandy, Gwen, _, Sandy, Karen, Sandy, Pat,
second row: _, Bill who cooked many wonderful meals,
Thrid row: far right Clem
As you can see I do not have a name for everyone.

WPC Group

first row: Jack, Betty, Travis, Jim
second row: Allen, Marjorie, Roger, Ron,
third row: Paul, Al, Travis

Inglewood, WA group

Alyse, Gary, Ryan, Scott, Terresa, Tom, and others.

Saturday, Home at last!

We arrived home at WPC at 6:53 p.m. by our car clock. It was a long and safe drive. Construction in the Dayton area slowed us down by about half an hour. When we arrived back at WPC, we quickly said our good byes and headed home. Some had a pressing appointment to see the UM hockey game. So I parted with mixed feelings. The was much done. Many friendships made and renewed. People served. Praises sung to our Lord. There is still much work for future teams.